Quality and process control

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When aiming at top quality, there can be no insignificant ‘details’ or trade-offs. To create Your perfect window, we assure that every, even the tiniest, detail conforms to the strictest quality requirements, and every operation is performed with the highest precision. Langų Gama UAB implements especially strict quality control in every production process.

  • Quality management system of Langų Gama UAB conforms to LST standards.


  • Internally we apply our own additional quality standards to assure more extensive quality control than required in common international norms.


  • We use only organic wood from forestry farms that apply principles of sustainable development.


  • We use fixtures from renowned German manufacturers: Gutmann aluminium profiles, Roto hardware, Schlegel Q-Lon gaskets, Hoppe window handles, and glass from French manufacturer Saint-Gobain.


  • We employ Nordic lacquer coating method, which assures excellent resistance to severe climate conditions.


  • We apply innovative structural and technological solutions.


  • All the manufacturing processes comply with environmental requirements of the European Union. We do not use any substances that are harmful to environment or health at work and assure recycling of production by-products.


  • We provide in-service training for our employees and regularly organise trainings. Our masters hold international top-class certificates.