Technical consultations

We consult about technical possibilities and help to choose the most appropriate solution, materials, colour and product accessories. We wish to share our useful and practical information with you.


We design wooden windows, doors and sliding systems. We implement technical projects according to designs prepared by architects. If necessary, we consult about alternatives of integrated products (windows, doors, sliding systems), materials and structure elements. We provide final product visualisation at client’s request.

Measurement of openings
Technical specialists arrive to a site and measure openings for products. Works accomplished professionally reduce the risk of inaccuracies and speed up further works.

Design preparation
If you order products, we create design for free. We take into consideration technical specifications, chosen materials and requirements for specific models. We specify project duration and final price.

Product delivery
On purpose not to damage transported products, we recommend to deliver them by our specialized vehicles. Then you will be sure that products will reach your home or other object not deformed and unchanged.

Dismantling of old structures
We dismantle and take out old windows at client’s request.

Installation of new products
We pay a lot of attention to installation works because their quality determines how stable, robust and functional new product structures will be. Entrust installation works to our professional workers and you will not have to worry about service of new products and about their convenient and long-term use.

Warranty service
We give 5-year warranty to our sold product. If you notice visible or functional defects, please contact us and we will eliminate them for free.

Service and repair after the warranty expires

If you notice a defect after the warranty expired, please contact us. We repair windows, doors, sliding systems and facade structures professionally and replace worn parts with the new ones.


Window and door adjustment
Adverse environment (humidity, temperature differences, strong winds, chemical substances) and wrong operation cause deformation of window and door structures. If you noticed functional defects or structure damages, contact our professional workers immediately. Timely minor repair will reduce your future expenses.

Operative replacement of insulated glass units
We replace cracked or broken window or door glasses. Take care of other’s safety and contact our installation specialists immediately.