gama cechas



GAMA is a company manufacturing wooden windows, doors and facade construction, established in 2009. The highest quality has been the biggest objective from its very beginning, thus the customers, appreciating our exceptional products in Lithuania and abroad, have quickly memorized our name. Our products have earned international certificates and rewards, but the greatest evaluation is that our present customers recommend us to others.




Why choose GAMA Windows products?


Long lasting windows



Research and development with creative attitude

We apply the latest polymer technology (used in the industries of space and aviation) which guarantees a special protection and durability of the window. We consistently improve window construction technologies and apply worldwide and self-designed innovations.



Exceptional quality

We can guarantee that even the smallest parts of the windows are manufactured at the highest quality. We use selected, “noble” wood; for our products, we observe not only international requirements, but also self-implemented standards, allowing us to guarantee even better quality for our products. 



We apply a 5-year warranty for our products and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for fittings. On the customer’s request, our operational staff will evaluate the state of your windows twice a year and, if necessary, will perform the maintenance works guaranteeing durability.  


Windows for You



Style and Esthetics

By designing our products, we aim not only for perfect functional features, but also want our windows to become an exceptional detail of Your interior and exterior. We offer various types and styles of window profiles, especially a wide choice of colors and finishes. We also offer completely bespoke solutions. 


Passive House

On your request, we will manufacture the windows, satisfying the A+ or A++ energy efficiency class. During the mounting works, we implement additional heat-saving devices guaranteeing the requirements of thermal efficiency provided for passive houses. 


Individual solutions 

Every project for us is exceptional. We do not apply the standard solutions. We provide the most favorable, customized product for every customer's needs and requrements. 


Eco-friendly windows



For a healthy Home 

Our windows are manufactured using only ecological wood from renewable farmed woods. Our products are covered only with special ecological paint. We do not use formaldehyde’s, lead carbonate or other health hazardous materials for impregnating the wood.



Our fastening frames for windows are mounted from the inside. This helps to protect the home from the break-in by removing the glass. We also use a special high-security glass, which in case of breaking breaks into small fragments with obtuse edges, safe for both people and the interior. We can design your windows to any security level needed, from break in proof up to BR-6 (assault rifle protection).


Additional Options 

On the customer’s request, we can apply additional options for our products: window screens, mosquito screens, air vents, electric motors for windows operations which are out of reach and for sliding systems, windowsills, exterior wood shutters and etc.